Ingredients for 4 guests:

Fresh tomatoes sauce:

  • 250gr of tomatoes without the skin
  • Fresh Basil
  • 30gr of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


Remove the seeds from the tomatoes

Cut the tomatoes in small cubes and flavoure them with salt, pepper, olive oil and basil


  • 400gr of buffalo mozzarella cheese

Cut the mozzarella in small cubes and let it dry


  • 8 anchovies in salt

Wash and clean the anchovies.

Cut them in small cubes and season them with a little bit of oil

Fresh home made pasta:

  • 210gr of flour
  • 2 big eggs


Put the flour in a volcano shape and make a small hole in the middle. Break the eggs in the hole and mix them with the flour.

Mix flour and eggs together till the dough is smooth.

With the help of a dough sheeting roll the dough into a thin sheet and make 24 discs with a diameter of 6 cm, boil shortly in the water and keep them aside.

Plate composition:

create the “lasagnatte” putting fresh pasta discs on mozzarella in layers. Put the lasagnetta on the bottom of the plate and pour around it the fresh tomatoes sauce.

Add the anchovies and the basil leaves